Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Investigations on the Way...

The Science Mommy is taking a short hiatus for soccer season!  I have so many great ideas for projects and my Science Kids and I just don't have time to develop them during soccer.  Please don't disappear...I'll be back in a month with some fantastic science investigations, observations and projects for your Science Kids!

I will still be accepting entries into the Rain Gauge Design Challenge for the next two weeks.  You can enter through the comments or by emailing The  Science Mommy (find my email in the Contact me section).  I will post pictures of all entries and each participant will be entered to win a book!

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Family Adventures...

The Science Mommy and her family love Star Wars!  So, we couldn't turn down an opportunity to visit the Star Wars exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  While much of the exhibit was museum-like with artifacts and costumes, there were a few fantastic investigations.  In Star Wars: A New Hope, Luke drives a land speeder around Tatooine.  This investigation connected real world maglev (magnetic levitation) technology with the movie land speeder...

First, the boys chose a lego land speeder, and were prompted to attach magnets to the bottom.  There were two different types of magnets, so they needed to experiment with location and placement ...
...their goal was for the lego land speeder to hover on the magnetic road.

Once the land speeder hovered on the magnetic road, they attached another battery to the top of the lego land speeder.  The new investigation, was to determine the placement of the battery, so that the land speeder was propelled along the magnetic road through wire coils.  This proved quite a challenge for my science padawans.  Not only did they need to determine placement of the previous magnets, the new magnet on the top but they also needed to charge the wire coils at just the right moment to move the car. 

The final challenge, was to move the land speeder along a magnetic road with hills.  I wasn't able to get close enough to capture any pictures.

My Science Kids had a great time!  I was impressed with the information throughout the exhibit connecting movie science fiction to real world applications in science and technology.

What Science Adventures have captivated you and your Science Kids?

Remember, the Rain Gauge Design Challenge is accepting entries through the end of the month.