Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cookie Time...

So, strictly speaking, cookie baking isn't a science project.  However, there were many science skills practiced by these kid scientists.  We also made a huge mess and had lots of fun!

Ages:  All ages of Kid Scientists can participate in the decorating.  Save the baking for the Big Kid scientists.
Materials: A good sugar cookie recipe and ingredients, frosting, food color & sprinkles

* The Science Mommy has a post coming that is all about measurement.  Baking is one of the best ways for Kid Scientists to learn how to measure...and to experience the consequences of inadequate measurement!  Take advantage of this opportunity to help your Kid Scientists measure.
The Science Mommy wanted today's project to be about the decorating, so the Halloween-themed cookies were already baked when the Kid Scientists assembled.

Universally, Kid Scientists love to mix colors.  Whether they are using paints, or creating their own paints, mixing colors is a great learning opportunity.  The Science Mommy's nieces, Desi and Chloe, were our expert color mixers.
The kids didn't have a limit to the number of colors they could create and we had two shades of green, purple, gray, orange and blue.
While the girls mixed colors, the boys dove into decorating...

 With several dozen cookies and plenty of frosting and sprinkles, there was opportunity to try out every combination...

The finished products were pretty impressive and tasty too!

There are so many opportunities to explore, to create, and to investigate...The Science Mommy challenges you to make a mess and find science in something ordinary!

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