Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow Paint...

This snowy day project could not be easier or have more hours of fun attached...

Ages:  All ages of Kid Scientist will enjoy snow pain

Materials:  Spray bottles, food color and water
Fill spray bottles with cold water

Add food coloring to create the color of your choice.  Here's the science...what colors can you create?

My Kid Scientists were ready to play, so they stuck to blue and red.  Attach the top of the bottle and you're ready to go...

Create all sorts of fun spray paint pictures in the snow...try mixing colors and using different intensities on the nozzle for different effects.

The Science Mommy would love to see pictures of your snow paintings...send them via email and I will post them!  Have fun in the snow!

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Darcey said...

Great post! The kids I work with always enjoy this activity and we get plenty of snow here so we bring out the spray bottles a lot. It's fun for them, but simple. I've included your post in my weekly favorites here: