Monday, January 17, 2011

Science Kits & Models

I had another post ready for today, but I will save it for next week.  My Science Kids were so excited over the weekend to explore their science kits and models, that I just had to share. 

Ages: There are science kits and models available for all ages of Kid Scientist.  The Science Mommy encourages you to read the recommended ages as this is based on the skills required, the safety of the kit and the reading level of the directions.

Big Kid Scientists:
Connar purchased an AM/FM radio kit at a local toy store.  He spent all day working on getting his radio built and working.
Connar is a pro at building Lego models, so the first time through his radio construction he only looked at the pictures.  When the radio didn't work, he realized he'd missed important information by not reading all of the directions.  I helped with some vocabulary, but for the most part he was on his own to read and figure out what the directions were saying. 

Once the radio was constructed he struggled with the antennae.  This led to some online research as well as practical trial and error to make the antennae work. 

Your Big Kid Scientists can practice important science skills by building a model or kit:
  • Reading Directions
  • Problem solving
  • Persistence 
 Younger Kid Scientist - 
Aiden received a Rock Tumbler for his birthday last month.  The age recommendation on the package is 10 and Aiden is 7.  There isn't anything unsafe for him in the rock tumbler but the directions were very long and difficult for him to decipher.  In fact, I needed to walk him through the initial steps.  In addition, the rock tumbler takes up to 16 days to complete the tumbling. He really wanted them to be done in about an hour.  This was fun for him to set up, but didn't have the same satisfaction as the radio kit did for his brother.

 Consider your Kid Scientists interests, age and abilities when selecting a pre-made science kit or model.

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Shopper Gal said...

Can't wait to see the new shiny rocks :) Way to go Connar on working thru the problem!!