Monday, February 21, 2011


My oldest Kid Scientist, was working on a large project for school when we discovered pages of tangram puzzles online.  These are fantastic puzzles for Kid Scientists of all ages...helping to build critical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving skills.  Whether you make your own tangrams like Connar, or click around with the internet puzzles...these will hook you!

Ages:   This is for the Big Kid Scientists

Materials: If you make your own you will need a tangram pattern, a saber saw and some 3/4" wood.  You can also use 1/8" foam, cardstock or any other material you have on hand.


  • Print out the tangram pattern.  This is a universal pattern and you can enlarge it if you'd like, as long as you enlarge all the pieces equally.
  • Cut out the pieces and trace them onto the building material you'll be using.
  • Carefully cut out the pieces.  As these are puzzle pieces, it's important to keep the lines straight and maintain the dimensions of the shape. 
  •  We used a saber saw to cut the puzzle pieces out of the wood.  This was also a great opportunity to teach Connar how to use the saw.  There aren't any pictures, because The Science Mommy needed to help hold the wood and "steer" the saw.  Connar had never used this saw before and he was excited try it out.

  • Once the pieces are cut out, located tangram shapes online and do your best to arrange the pieces so they form the shape.  Most of the shapes aren't nearly as easy to create as they appear!
 Have Fun with your tangrams!

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Frances said...

Following you from Surviving a teacher's salary...That is so funny--when I was pregnant we were going to name our daughter Connar Aidan--til the doc. told us it was a girl!
Love your blog!

Jill said...

I found you through your great feature post on Surviving on a Teacher's Salary. Your blog is fantastic! My eldest daughter (age 7) is getting more interested in science, and you've got some great ideas here!
I'm following you now and looking forward to trying out some things you suggest. We already have tangrams and get them out just occasionally - you've inspired me to get them out again today!

Hope you'll stop by our blog sometime too - we've just started it out, but are writing about educational things we're doing with our kids, and sharing resources we find!

Jill said...

Just popped back again to let you know we passed on a blog award to you for your lovely, interesting and educational site:

Hope you have a great day!