Monday, July 11, 2011

Celebrate Chemistry...Baking Soda Volcano

The Science Mommy has been invited by Dow Chemical to Celebrate Chemistry this summer!
Here's what's happening...The Science Mommy hosted a Chemistry Party and will post the investigations over the next three weeks.  Each week you'll have a chance to win - click on the picture in the sidebar or read on for more details!

Baking Soda Volcanoes

Baking Soda Rockets 

Ages:  All ages of Kid Scientist will have fun with Baking Soda Volcanoes

Materials:  Styrofoam cups, small paper/plastic cups, film canister, baking soda, vinegar, dishwashing soap, food coloring
This gets messy, so it's a good one for outside!

  1)  Each Kid Scientist will need a large styrofoam cup.  This part of the model represents the volcano.  The Science Mommy cut a hole in the bottom of the cup to accommodate the film canister but Big Kids could do this themselves.  Push the film canister into the hole in the bottom of the cup.  The film canister represents a magma chamber in the volcano.

2)  Put a teaspoon of baking soda into the film canister.

3) Each Kid Scientist also needs a small cup.  We passed the materials for the "Lava Solution" around the circle and kids added them to their cups...1 ounce vinegar, 1 teaspoon dishsoap, red & yellow food color
4) Once everyone had their "Lava Solution" ready, we poured it into the the film canister...

...and watched the foamy, bubbly volcano reaction!

Since we were outside, and had all the materials at hand, the Science Kids at the party decided to explore Baking Soda Rockets...
Ages:  This is best for the Bigger Kid Scientists

Materials:  Fuji film canisters (the clear/white ones), baking soda, vinegar

* I modeled making a rocket for the Kid Scientists.  This is an excellent investigation for Kids because the materials are simple and they can launch the rockets over and over.  It takes some thoughtful experimentation to determine the best ratio of baking soda to vinegar and some practice with rocket launch.
1) Put baking soda into the lid of the film canister and vinegar into the canister itself
2) Attach the lid to the canister and smoothly place it upside down on the launch pad
3) Step back and watch the rocket
4)  Think about what happened in your launch and try it again

Safety Considerations:  * Only one person launching a rocket at a time * Make sure you step away from the launch, especially don't hold your head over the rocket * Once you have vinegar & baking soda all over your hands - don't touch your eyes or face
A satisfying rocket launch is pretty exciting for all Kid Scientists!

You can watch this video to learn more about Baking Soda Volcanos
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Paula said...

You can tell by the pictures that you kids had a ball doing this.

Where do you get film canisters? I wish I'd saved some!