Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I won an Award!

What an exciting thing to disover this afternoon!  Huge thanks go out to Leptir Montessori Blog  for this award!  In order to accept I need to ...1)  Thank the person / blog who gave me the award, 2) Share 7 things about myself and 3) send the award on to more fantastic bloggers.

A few things about The Science Mommy...
* I am a full time middle school science teacher, who's currently heading back-to-school and I really enjoy teaching middle school :)
* I love sharing science with my kids while we're in the moment.  Over the weekend we went on a family rafting trip and spent a long time speculating about the geology in the canyon we were rafting through.
* I created The Science Mommy simply to share my love of science with lots of other Kid Scientists. 
* I have a basket of rocks on my kitchen counter...I pick a small rock whenever I am in a special place and my kids give me rocks from places they want to remember.
* I am also very crafty and I enjoy creating things, sewing and scrapbooking.
* I am worried about keeping up with The Science Mommy when I go back to school.  I am going to need a schedule for posting.
* I think curiousity is one of the most important things to nurture in children!

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