Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sweet Celery...

Ages: All ages of Kid Scientist can set up this exploration.  See the end of the post for extensions for Big Kids.

Materials: Tall water glass, stalks of celery, water, salt, sugar

  • Fill the glass with water and add 2 tbs of sugar
  • Mix well
  • Cut the end off a stalk of celery under running water.  Leave the leafy end, leafy
  • Place the cut end of the celery into the glass
  • Leave for several hours or overnight
  • Taste
  • What do you notice?
* Try this same procedure with salt water

Extensions for Big Kids:
  • Set up three glasses with different amounts of sugar or salt.  Make sure you record how much sugar is in each glass.  Is there a difference in the results?  How could you measure that difference?
  • What's happening?  Research osmosis and write an explanation of this exploration.
  • Does this work with carrots?   Cucumbers?  Lettuce?  Explore this process withn different plants.
The Science Mommy would love to hear about what you learn!

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