Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you build a Bubble Blower?

This is a great investigation to pair up with Bubble Solutions.

Ages:  All ages can participate in this investigation

Materials: A box of stuff...straws, string, small paper cups, empty thread spools, random toys...

  • This procedure is really experimental play.  Kids use the components available to discover what tool will create the best bubble
  • This is a great opportunity for parents to explore and play with their kids
  • Clean up...this is a big soapy mess.  Using a bit of vinegar in a spray bottle of water will help clean up soap residue from tables, chairs and other places you don't want it!

Tell Me: The Science Mommy would love to see pictures of your bubble blowing adventures!

1 Science Moms have commented...:

Tessa said...

Hey, I remember that!! SO much fun!