Sunday, May 23, 2010

Exploring Density...

Density is a physical property of matter and there are some great explorations for Kid Scientists to build background knowledge.

Ages: All ages

Materials: Two glass containers - one larger than the other, water, string, food color

  • Tie the string around the top of the smaller container
  • Fill the larger container with cold water
  • Fill the smaller container with hot water and add a couple drops of food color 

  • Lower the container with hot, red water into the container with cold water
  • Watch what happens

What's Happening? The density of cold water is greater than that of hot water.  The hot, red water pours up, out of the container like a fountain and creates a layer on the top of the glass.

Kid Scientist Extension: Aiden watched this reaction and said, "I have an idea!  I am going to call it 3 Cup Madness and find out about pouring." 
 Using the materials he had, Aiden carried out his personal exploration.  It's not always important that we understand their thinking, or even that they can articulate their question.  Sometimes the best explorations are the ones that come in the moment. 
Celebrate the personal questions of your Kid Scientists!

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