Sunday, July 11, 2010

Investigating Pendulums...

This investigation is a great opportunity for your Kid Scientist to explore variables.

Ages:  This investigation is best for Big Kid Scientists

Materials: String or yarn, bob such as a washer or round magnet, stopwatch or other timer, Lab Notes page (this will also help explain the investigation)

  • Set up a pendulum system

  • There are three manipulated variables you can investigate: the length of the pendulum, the weight of the bob and the angle the bob is released
  • The period of the pendulum is the time it takes the bob to go over & back one time
  • Practice timing the period and releasing the bob
  • Explore these questions:  Does this weight of the bob have an effect on the period?  What is the relationship between the length of the pendulum and the period?  Can you create a pendulum system with a 1 second period?  How?
What did you learn about pendulums?
Where can you find pendulums in the "real world"?

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