Monday, March 14, 2011

Forcing Bulbs...the Tulip Update...

Have you been working on the forcing bulbs investigation?  You can follow that link to the original investigation and get started right now!

We are two weeks into our investigation, and for a while there it looked like we had made some miscalculations.  The bulbs were "started" on February 27, and it was on March 9 that we really saw some growth.  These pictures were all taken on March 12.

One of the bulbs that was propped on the edge of the container, with their tips in the water is doing the best. By best we mean that it has the most growth.
Also producing some stems are the bulbs that are just sitting in water.
The bulbs in rocks and water are much slower in responding than the others, but you can see that they are all starting to grow.
The photo is blurry, but the bulbs planted in the soil haven't done much at all.

My Science Kids are changing the water every three or four days, and making sure the bulbs in soil have moist soil.  They have predicted that we will have some flowers in about a week.

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