Monday, March 21, 2011

Science Project...

My Kid Scientist Connar came home last week with a science project assigned at school.  We're excited to share the project with you and challenge you to make your own.

Project:  Connar is studying ecosystems and evolution in school and his assignment was to create an organism.  At first, The Science Mommy wasn't too excited about the imaginary aspect of this project however, it did provide lots of opportunities for Connar to share what he knows about adaptations, food chains, and an organisms role within an ecosystem.
Procedure: Connar started out by thinking what he wanted his organism to look like...right away he had the idea to create a bio-luminescent creature {he really wanted to tap into his electricity kit}.  I asked lots of questions to help him decide where his organism lived and how it had adapted to that environment.
The creation of this organism was a challenge to Connar...he needed to use the saber saw to cut the dowel for legs, he used the drill to cut holes to anchor the legs, he salvaged an old toy for a switch and learned how to modify it to fit with another battery pack and he needed to figure out how to wire the light bulb to the switch and battery and install it into his organism.  There was more science at work here than meeting standard on an ecosystem project!  Finally after several assembly attempts, lots of glue and a couple of rounds with spray paint...
"Titano-aqua-saurus: this organism lives at the bottom of the ocean in an environment with very little light.  It's body coloring provides camoflage against the dark ocean floor.  It has a bio-luminescent rod to attract and hunt prey which are small fish.  Because it is dark, he doesn't have very good eyesight and relies on special cells in the large gills to smell prey. It also has armor, like a lobster as protection."

Now it's your turn...
  • Do a little research to find out what adaptations are and why they are important in understanding organisms. {There's a link in the sidebar!}
  • Create an organism using materials you have around your house.  While you are building your organism, consider where it lives.  What's the temperature?  How much water is available?  How much sunlight?  What other animals live in this area?  What shelter is available?
  • Make decisions in creating your organism that make sense for where, and how, it lives.  What does it eat?  What time of day is it most active?  How does it protect itself?
  • The Science Mommy would love to see what you create!

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