Thursday, March 24, 2011

We Have a Flower...

Have you been following along with our Tulip Bulb Investigation?  Well, we have an flower...
The first of the tulip bulbs bloomed this morning!

Kid Scientist Aiden is pretty excited that the first bulb to bloom was the one he started.  If you can't read his prediction, he wrote, "Team Aiden - The one hanging in water will go first and I don't think the one in rocks will sprout." 

His prediction was half correct.  The bulb hanging in water was the first to bloom.  The bulbs in the rocks have sprouted but haven't yet bloomed.  The bulbs in the dirt haven't changed at all.  According to Aiden, "Well obviously.  When you plant a bulb in the dirt it takes all winter to grow."  The bulbs that were floating in water, have all molded.

Whether you are forcing tulip bulbs in the kitchen or observing something else over time, encourage your Kid Scientists to make, and record, predictions.  They will have more buy-in to making the observations and will remember the investigation, as well as their their thoughts about it, longer.

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Destri said...

Yay! I have mentally saved this idea, so fun!